The Cone and Cylinder Debate!

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  • Lorraine Marriott

    Thank you for this valuable information and for updating your resources. I had no idea that the syllabus had changed.

    • Dean Hughes

      No problem, Lorraine! Thank you for the comment, we're here to help!

  • Raylene Bowtell

    Hello, So if cylinders and cones do not have an edge what do you call that part where the two sides meet?? It exists therefore needs a name. And what do you call the circular face if only a face has straight sides? Thanks Raylene

    • Tom (Teach Starter)

      Hi Raylene, A 'circular face' is referred to as a flat surface in the NSW syllabus. As for the 'edges' of cones and cylinders, the NSW syllabus doesn't explicitly state what they are called. It refers to the objects' circular faces as having curved boundaries, but does give a name to their 'curved edges'. Naming this type of feature could be a fun activity for your students! Have them come up with a cool new name and pitch it to the class.

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