Easy and Fantastic Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father's Day Crafts

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Father’s day is just around the corner! If you are anything like me, I leave it to the last minute and end up rushing to come up with a unique or nice craft activity I can get my students to do. Leave all the stress and rushing behind this year! You’ve come to the right place. These cute and classic, but purposeful Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to make Dads and important male figures smile this Father’s Day morning.

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Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Pop Stick Coaster Craft

Hand-made craft is the best kind of present children can give to their fathers or male figures who are important in their life.

This coaster craft is a simple, easy yet effective idea where your students can let their creative juices flow. Show them how to create the main coaster using pop sticks and let your students paint and use our FREE Father’s Day Stencil templates to create something special for their dad’s morning coffee.

Watch the below video for a step by step guide on how to build the template using just pop sticks and craft glue.


If your students want to create an old-world rustic look, use watered down brown paint and black paint for the stencil. Otherwise, they can pick whatever colours they wish.

Father's Day Crafts

We printed our Father’s Day Stencil templates and stuck them on some thick card. We then used a very sharp craft knife to cut out the stencils. This is something you will need to get prepared before the craft session. Just create a couple of each stencil, place them at the front of the classroom and allow students to share.

Father's Day Coasters

Add a gift tag with some string so your students can write a special message to go with their coaster craft.

Father's Day Crafts

Father’s Day Surprise Gift Box

Our Mother’s Day Exploding Gift Box was so popular that we couldn’t let the dads miss out on receiving one too!

Father's Day Surprise Craft Box

Don’t be scared, we have outlined a simple plan in our blog An Exploding Gift Box: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Craft Idea that will explain the best way to tackle one of these amazing boxes.

First of all, download our Father’s Day Decorative Square Templates then read our Mother’s Day blog for the instructions. Too easy!

Father's Day Crafts

For even more super cute Father’s Day craft ideas, check out one of our other great Father’s Day blogs, Father’s Day Classroom Gift Ideas.

Father's Day Gifts

Want something a little simpler? Check out our collection of Father’s Day Teaching Resources.

Father's Day resource collection

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Wow love this exploding box idea for Father’s Day! Wish me luck!

Melanie Beers-Quinn · Aug 26th, 2020

All the best with the exploding box, Melanie! Making it is sure to be a blast!

Tom (Teach Starter) · Aug 28th, 2020

thank you so much . Love your work

Julie Wallace · Aug 21st, 2020

Thanks for such a lovely comment, Julie! Glad to hear you enjoy these Father’s Day craft ideas!

Tom (Teach Starter) · Aug 21st, 2020

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