Grammar Worksheets for the Early Years Classroom


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Our brand new Early Years Grammar Worksheets for the classroom are now available in one easy to download booklet. Glorious Grammar Volume 1 is a 58-page teaching resource packed with fun grammar worksheets for early years students. Yep, that’s right ‘fun’ and ‘worksheets’ were included in the same sentence! The workbook is designed to be completed across ten weeks, with students completing one activity a day!

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The design of the worksheets takes into account the age of the students. Bigger text, more space, cute images and super engaging activities are just some of the elements that make these worksheets irresistible! Your students will be begging to get out their Glorious Grammar booklets.

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Grammar Worksheets – Build on Concepts Taught

These age-appropriate worksheets are the perfect learning tool to incorporate into your teaching of grammar in the early years setting. The goal of the worksheets included in this booklet is to build on concepts already taught, not to introduce new grammar concepts. As teachers, we know this is an important factor to consider when using any worksheets in the classroom environment.

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Use the workbook as part of your literacy rotations or as some daily grammar revision. Students can record their responses on the worksheets or write them in a workbook if additional space is required. The worksheets increase in complexity as students progress.

The Dressing Up a Sentence activity is used throughout the workbook. Therefore, it is recommended that you familiarise your students with this activity before setting it as an individual task. Students ‘dress up’ the set of ‘Sad Sentences’ that are listed on page 3 of the workbook. Cute!

Grammar Worksheets for the Early Years

To read more about this resource, head on over to our blog, Expanding Sentences| How to Improve Student Writing to gain a better understanding of how valuable this activity will be to your students’ writing.

Grammar Concepts for the Early Years

This resource covers a range of grammar concepts from Foundation to Year 2. This opens up the door to some easy to implement differentiation in the classroom.

Topics include:

You may like to create smaller, more targeted books to cater to the different levels within your class. Use the same front cover for each student so they don’t feel like they are doing the ‘easier’ or ‘harder’ booklet. The worksheets are in order of complexity and the download also includes a contents page that will assist you when splitting the book into smaller levelled booklets.

If you are looking for some hands-on Grammar games and activities to further consolidate concepts, check out these fun looking resources:

Check out our Grammar Resources Collection for more fantastic teaching resources.

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