How to Make a Practical Teacher Survival Kit

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  • Janet Melnyk

    Hi. Love this idea. Where do I get the sticker books from please?

    • Trish (Teach Starter)

      Hi Janet! Visit to purchase the remaining stock.

  • Ann Madsen

    I love the teacher surviver kit and wish I had the time over the weekend to make up some packs for the teacher's I am nearest and dearest to! So many clever things that would just put a smile on any teacher's face. However, I am surprised by your choice of chocolates... both containing nuts! As one of my family members has a peanut allergy, this sends a shiver down my spine. While we can't completely avoid nuts in the world, I like to encourage teachers to be mindful of the positive role we can play in educating others as to the dangers of contamination of furniture, books etc when we consume nut products. I love a nutty chocolate myself... but limit this to days when I am at home with no chance of endangering my niece, fellow staff members or my students. All the best everyone as we head back into the cauldron we love!

    • Ann Madsen

      Thanks Holly. Every time I look at the kit I notice something different... the bobby-pins... haha... so needed after wearing a hat out to playground duty! Thank you again.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Ann, thanks so much for your comment. Glad you liked the idea behind the Teacher Survival Kit. Thanks also for raising your concerns. I'll definitely take this into consideration in future content that I develop. Best of luck for the school year ahead.

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