Romero Britto Inspired Art Activities

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Thanks to Hannah from @missgirlingsclassroom for these fantastic art ideas! Head on over and like her Instagram page for further awesome classroom activities and ideas!

Romero Britto ‘A New Day’ Art Piece

What you need: paper, pencils, felt pens and permanent markers.

We looked at Romero Britto’s – A New Day and formed a set of instructions for how we would create our own versions of the picture. They had to follow the step-by-step instructions to create the picture.

Here’s the original artwork:

And here are some of the pieces we created:

Romero Britto Inspired Letters

What you need: paper with letters on it, crayons and permanent markers.

We looked at Romero Britto artworks and brainstormed the different things we could see (e.g. bright colours, clashing of patterns). We then used these things to design our own Romero Britto inspired artworks using the first letter of our first name.


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  • Emelia Ussher
    Is there any recommended templates for the letters?
  • Edriss Sarvari
    Hi all.. they are easy to do and it is very engaging. There is step by step that can be done, all you need to do is youtube inspired Britto artwork, it will show..
    • Holly (Teach Starter)
      Thanks for your suggestion Edriss.
  • Emma KingKoi
    Are there step-by-step instructions?
  • Kaye
    The art work looks great! it is displayed well, too!
  • Danita Goosen
    Beautiful !!
  • Peter Bainbridge
    What are the step-by-step instructions?
  • Kay Houston
    Looks fabulous and engaging.

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