Episode 17

Over-sharers in the Classroom: Mr D Needs Some Blurt Buttons.

Recorded by | Run time: 5 min, 28 sec


He’s a teacher. He’s a comedian. He’s officially one of Ellen Degeneres’s “favourites”. Joe (Mr D) Dombrowski is here to brighten up your week with his infectious laugh and hilarious stories. Brace yourself, because when it comes to dishing the dirt on teaching, kids and life in general, Joe doesn’t hold back.

Have you ever had a student call out an answer that’s totally wrong, totally loud and totally rude? Mr D has! Find out how a simple science lesson took a swift turn, and how a ‘loud and proud’ student almost ruined Christmas for his fourth graders.

Do you have some persistent blurting behaviours happening in your classroom? You need our amazing behaviour management tool, Blurt Buttons!

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