Episode 140

Show and Tell Shock and Awe

Recorded by | Run time: 15 min, 26 sec


Early Years teachers, this one’s for you! We’re kicking off Little Learners Month at Teach Starter, which means we’re dedicating March to all the amazing teachers inspiring young and eager minds. This week’s guest on For the Love of Teaching is foundation teacher Nicole, who you’ll find on Instagram as Teaching This Way!

Listen in to this cute and hilarious episode where Nicole shows some of the funniest things her students have disclosed during show and tell in her classroom over the years. Nicole also talks about the benefits of teaching speaking and listening skills in early years classroom.

Coming up on For the Love of Teaching is early years teacher Ally, who this year has a grade 2 class, and she’s going to share all about her experiences teaching literacy with The Daily 5. Later in the month I’ll chat with another teacher, Ally, who teachers early years special education in Texas.

We’ve produced a stack of new Little Learners resources for K-3 classrooms and are excited to share them with you.

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