Episode 79

Teachers: The Ultimate Influencers

Recorded by | Run time: 27 min, 32 sec


Teach Starter resource producer and Chalkboard blogger Ali Smith joins me this week. We talk about how teachers can influence our students and help them to develop a positive self image. In the uncharted territory of today’s social media-driven world, the messages being sent to our kids aren’t always positive. As teachers we are trusted, real adults present in our students’ lives, and we possess powerful influence to change the way they see themselves and to build their resilience to survive and thrive in this landscape.

Ali talks about her own experience as a school student growing up in the UK, her teaching experiences here in Australia, the amazing resources she’s created to support teachers in the areas of health and wellbeing, and her own personal goals and achievements.

Find Ali’s fantastic resilience resources here.

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