Episode 215

You'll Never Look at a Cafeteria Hotdog the Same Way (Classic Mr D)

Recorded by | Run time: 4 min, 57 sec


American elementary schools are known for many great things; iconic yellow buses, locker-lined halls and sunlit classrooms. They’re also homes of cafeterias which serve some questionable items (think sloppy joes and hotdogs). In this episode, one young student questioned the origin of some of the delicacies on the school lunch menu, and his peers had some rather interesting theories to contribute to the conversation!

He’s a teacher. He’s a comedian. He’s a self-proclaimed “teachmedian”. Joe (Mr D) Dombrowski is here to brighten up your week with his infectious laugh and hilarious stories. Brace yourself, because when it comes to dishing the dirt on teaching, kids and life in general, Joe doesn’t hold back.

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