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Aboriginal ANZAC's - Memory Card Game

Wingaru Kids
PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 6

A memory game featuring Aboriginal ANZAC's.

Use this memory card game to develop short term memory and to familiarise students with ANZAC’s of First Nations heritage.

Print out the ANZAC pictures and then stick the ‘Wingaru Kids’ cards on the back of each one. Print the cards on thick card-stock or laminate them so they last longer.

Place all of the cards face down in rows. Students take turns to choose two cards to turn over. If students find a matching pair, they get to keep the cards. The player with the most pairs of cards wins.

There are two versions available:
1. An easier version where students look for two matching portraits.
2. A harder version where students have to match the portrait with the Aboriginal digger’s description.

Download your preferred version by selecting it from the drop-down arrow attached to the green ‘Download’ button or by using the ‘Select a download’ section below.

An ‘Aboriginal Diggers Fact Sheet’ can also be downloaded. It contains information about the featured ANZAC’s that can be used for further study and to check the answers for the harder version.

This educational activity provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture cross-curriculum priority into your ANZAC Day commemorations.

Wingaru Kids

Wingaru Kids

Wingaru Kids provides quality content created by Aboriginal people in an engaging format so that students are excited to learn authentic and accurate knowledge about Aboriginal people.

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