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Famous Inventors Fact File — Alessandro Volta Comprehension Worksheet

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Print an Alessandro Volta fact file worksheet to introduce students to this famous inventor and expand their understanding of electricity!

Introduce Students to Alessandro Volta!

This printable Fact File worksheet pack is designed to help your students learn about Alessandro Volta, one of the most influential inventors in history. Students are provided with a biographical comprehension text to read and comprehend. Then students will demonstrate comprehension and their ability to locate and cite information from the text to complete the Fact Finder Comprehension Graphic Organiser.

Who Was Alessandro Volta?

Alessandro Volta was a physicist and pioneer in the study of electricity. The term ‘Volt,’ a measurement of electricity, was named after Volta. Volta also made discoveries in electrostatics, meteorology and pneumatics. His most famous invention, however, is the first battery.
Around 1800, Volta invented a wet battery called a Voltaic Pile. The Voltaic Pile consisted of discs of copper and zinc separated by discs of paper or cardboard (soaked in salt water). Volta attached copper wire to the top and bottom of this ‘Pile,’ so when the circuit was closed, electricity flowed through the pile.

Volta’s battery has been refined by other scientists and is still commonly used today.

A Simple Activity for National Science Week!

With National Science Week on its way, now is the perfect time to start gathering resources! This worksheet fits right in with themes related to invention, innovation  and the effects of changing technology on society.

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