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Antonym Coding Robot Mat

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Practise coding for kids and matching antonym pairs with a coding robot mat.

Coding Robots Make Antonyms Fun!

Are you tired of the same old vocabulary lessons that seem to put your students to sleep? What if I told you there’s a fun and engaging way to teach new words that will make your students begging for more? The answer lies in coding activities in the classroom! By integrating coding into your vocabulary lessons, you can create a dynamic and interactive learning experience that captivates your students’ attention and excites them to learn more.

Program Your Robot to Find the Opposite Words

Use this coding robot mat in the classroom to reinforce different antonyms with your students.

Students pick a flashcard, then program their robot to get to the square on the mat that is the antonym for the word shown.

Antonyms included:

  • dry/wet
  • fast/slow
  • hate/love
  • hot/cold
  • small/big
  • sad/happy
  • empty/full
  • and more!

Make sure to check the download options. You have the choice of downloading the full mat. Alternatively, we have included individual tiles with tabs.

If you are having issues with printing selections for the full mat, it is best to use the individual tiles.


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