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Provide positive reinforcement for good behaviour and achievements with printable Brag Tags!

What is a Brag Tag? How Do You Use Brag Tags?

Brag tags are a positive reinforcement tool used in classrooms to encourage and recognise students for their achievements and positive behaviour. They are small, collectible tags or tokens that students can earn and proudly display on a keychain, necklace, or classroom display. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of brag tags, here are a few quick notes on implementation

  • Students can earn brag tags based on academic performance, demonstrating positive character traits, completing homework assignments, or any other criteria set by the teacher.
  • When a student earns a brag tag, the teacher presents it to the student, often during a group ceremony or individual conference with the student.
  • The students can then attach the tag to a ring, lanyard, or necklace or display them in a special location in the classroom.
  • As students earn more brag tags, they can collect and accumulate them over time. Some teachers even like hosting trading days where students can swap duplicates with their classmates to build a complete set.

What Brag Tags are Included in this Download?

This download includes a wide variety of brag tags, including. 

  • I Stayed on Task!
  • I’m a Hard Worker!
  • Wonderful Worker
  • Amazing Manners
  • Caught Being Helpful
  • Helpful Friend
  • Model Citizen
  • Wonderful Worker #2
  • Learning Goal
  • Great Listener
  • Super Scientist
  • I Made My Teacher Proud
  • Maths Genius
  • Challenge Accepted
  • Team Player
  • And More!

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  • Jenni McCamley

    Is it possible to make brag bracelets that the students could wear?

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Jenni, thanks for your fantastic suggestion. Feel free to make a change resource request using the option at the bottom of the resource page! Great idea!

  • Abbey

    I'd love a black and white version if possible!

    • Kristian

      Hi Abbey, This is a great idea. I will get a member of our design team onto it.