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Emoji Themed Self-Assessment Desk Cards

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 2 pages

A set of four emoji themed self-assessment cards for students to reflect on their learning and display on their desk to indicate the level of teacher support they need.

Use this teaching resource in the classroom as a tool for goals and feedback and when monitoring student progress.

Print, cut and laminate a set of cards for each student.

When working on independent tasks, ask the students to display the card that best fits with how they are feeling and place it face-up on their desk, making it visibly clear to quickly identify, as a teacher, the students who require immediate help.

You may choose to invite all the students displaying a ‘Help, please!’ card to work with you in a small group and encourage the students displaying an ‘I’ve got this!’ card to help those students with an ‘I’m getting there.’ card.

This teaching resource includes an emoji themed self-assessment card for:

  • I’ve got this!
  • I’m getting there.
  • Help, please!
  • I’m thinking.

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  • Zuriette Du Plessis

    Lovely and colourful - a great, positive support for students.

    • Victoria (Teach Starter)

      Hi Zuriette, Thank you for your positive comment! We hope your students enjoy using this resource in the classroom. Kind regards, Victoria.