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Holiday Code Cracker: Middle Years – Whole Class Christmas Game

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 33 pages | Years: 3 - 4

Print a whole class, holiday-themed code cracker game that includes a collection of 6 fun activities students must solve to reveal numbers that combine to open a lock combination.

Begin the holiday festivities with a bang in your classroom with a Holiday Code Cracker!

How to Do Code Cracker Puzzles

This code cracker puzzle was created for middle years students by our teacher team, and it includes everything you need — teacher instructions, activity answers, activity templates, task cards, and the resources needed for this activity!

These activities urge students to think about concepts that involve a multitude of subjects, including:

In order to solve the code cracker, students will use the knowledge and communication skills they have acquired this year to work together on six tasks that reveal six numbers that crack a lock combination. The groups are then presented with a final riddle that helps them rearrange the numerals to crack the code and succeed in their mission.

Meanwhile, students who solve code crackers are having fun while also working to improve these important skills without even realising it:

Activities in the Christmas teaching resource include:

  • Season’s Greetings Introductory Poem
  • Holiday Tree Wheel
  • Rudolph’s Present Predicament
  • Trifle Tower
  • Cryptic Chatterbox
  • Holiday Treasure Hunt
  • Party Light Chaos
  • Holiday Hooray! Final Riddle

Are you looking for digital versions of our code crackers? Explore our full collection of digital escape rooms to test your students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills!

christmas code cracker puzzle for middle years

Code Cracker Activity Ideas

Want to add some more fun to your students’ puzzle solving? Try these ideas from our teacher team!

Code crackers are perfect to use as a whole class game where students work in six small groups. So ideally, each group will rotate around the six activities and have a go at all of them. Don’t forget to use the Teacher Information Sheet as a step-by-step guide and follow these top tips:

  1. Arrange your students into 6 mixed ability groups and set up your 6 stations.
  2. Set the combination locks.
  3. As a class, read the Season’s Greetings Introductory Riddle to the students and ask if they have any questions.
  4. Monitor and support your students as they complete their puzzle. Undo any misconceptions along the way.
  5. Once a group has completed all six puzzles, check the numbers before reading the Holiday Hooray! Final Riddle.
  6. Use the final riddle to work out the correct number order to crack the code (refer to the answers on the Teacher Information Sheet).

Put the ‘Buzz!’ into your classroom by filling a lockable box with a reward or message that students will want to win by cracking two 3-digit combination locks.


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