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Blank Map of South Australia - Template

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Record and represent data about the location of significant places with this printable blank map of the Australian state of South Australia.

A Printable Blank Map of South Australia for Labelling

Are you exploring the Australian state of South Australia with your students? You’re going to need a map, then!

Use this unlabelled, black-and-white map of South Australia to help your students become more familiar with the natural and human features of this diverse state.

Multiple Uses for This Map of South Australia Worksheet

This blank map of South Australia makes a great asset to your Geography lessons and can be used in a multitude of ways in your classroom. Here are some suggestions:

Labels key locations as a whole-class activity

This versatile South Australia map can be projected onto your interactive whiteboard for a paperless lesson or class review session. Have students take turns coming to the board to locate and label key locations on the blank map using a whiteboard marker.

Create a progressive map of South Australia

Provide students with their own printed copy of the blank South Australia map. During the course of your unit of work, have students add more and more detail to their maps. They could add features such as capital cities, regional centres, major rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, rainforests, and other key landmarks.

Tips for Scaffolding and Extention

In any classroom, there is a multitude of learning needs that must be catered for in every single lesson! We’re here to help with some tips and tricks that may help you differentiate the application of this teaching resource:

  • Scaffolding Tips: Some students may find the precise nature of mapping difficult… and that’s okay! Support them by allowing them to access an atlas or digital mapping tool while completing the activity. Completing mapping tasks in a small group can also make students feel more supported and confident in their learning.
  • Extension Tips: For those students who are confident in their geographical skills, why not fine-tune their mapping skills by having them add additional map features to their map? For example, students could apply a colour-coding system for various locations or features, then add these to a legend or key.

Download Your Blank Map of South Australia Template

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