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Sound Families Word Wall

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 49 pages | Years: 1 - 2

A set of 45 word wall cards featuring common sound families.

Words include:

boy, nest, summer, paw, cloud, screw, nose, edge, bread, bird, whale, duck, library, write, finger, May, tower, girl, fly, knife, house, balloon, puzzle, orange, plank, catch, umbrella, police, station, pasta, fox, mouth, book, bottle, weather, ear, sleeve, apple, hair, cube, finger, house, point, eleven, crumb, horse, school, goose, boat, jug, scribble, world, queen, puddle, bee, rain, cliff, cake, flower, egg, night, running, heavy, leaf, zip, rocket, drink, watch, Monday, happy, chef, calf, snake, thongs, push, tiger, feather, cheer, heavy, galaxy, chair, yo yo, inside, pencil, coin, head, monkey, ball, cat, ruler, window, barge, bucket, person, word, dollar, key, carrot, sphere, snail, cloud, grey, pie, night, hospital, lizard, bees, watch, sing, child, uncle, pig, shell, star, dance, north, sugar, little, gather, tear, vase, animal, square, yacht, middle, kiss, sauce, core, bike, spider, meat, table


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  • Lou De B

    I LOOOOOOOOVE that these are illustrated. I note a couple of word wall sets that are. I would like ANY illustrated word wall cards. The deaf kids I teach don't use phonics, so if they don't know a word, they don't know it. Thus an illustrated pic wall is essential to get them writing. Is there a way to find which sets are illustrated short of going through them all one by one? could there possibly be a tag like "word wall - illustrated" or something?

    • Lou De B

      cheers. I already do make my own in word or powerpoint. But finding and adding the images is what is so time consuming. do you have a bank of images in the studio? I'll go and look.

    • Royce (Teach Starter)

      Hey Lou, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It is great to see your comments about how effective they have been with your students. Extra labeling would be a great idea. Could I please suggest that you make a change request to progress this idea. Alternatively, in the meantime, some suggestions to help you could be to use our Studio platform, which allows you to add what you need to Word Wall resources in most of our theme packs. This could help you add images to the word wall themes you need.