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Year 6 Magazine - What's Buzzing? (Issue 2)

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 24 pages | Years: 6

Issue 2 of our beautifully designed, 24-page reading magazine specifically designed for Year 6 students.

Complete your literacy rotations with Teach Starter’s beautifully designed and highly informative magazine, What’s Buzzing?

The magazine’s content has been specifically curated for Year 6 students. It uses age-appropriate vocabulary and a variety of text types to address a wide range of relevant and engaging topics. The articles contained within the magazine directly relate to learning areas such as ScienceHistoryGeographyThe Arts, and Health and Physical Education.

Some of the highlights of this issue include:

  • “The Mysterious Medallion’s Paradox” (narrative)
  • “Suck It Up Experiment” (procedure)
  • “The Wonders of the Human Body” (information report)
  • “The Thunderstorm” (poem)
  • “Peer Politics – Gender Ground Rules” (comic).

Five sets of task cards addressing the areas of writing, language, comprehension, reading strategies, and higher-order thinking skills have been developed to support and complement the magazine’s content. Download the What’s Buzzing? Task Cards.

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Image of Year 6 Magazine – “What’s Buzzing?” (Issue 2) Task Cards

teaching resource

Year 6 Magazine – “What’s Buzzing?” (Issue 2) Task Cards

A set of five literacy rotation task cards to be used in conjunction with Issue 2 of Teach Starter’s Year 6 magazine.

Teach Starter Publishing30 pagesYear: 6
Image of Year 6 Magazine - What's Buzzing? (Issue 1)

teaching resource

Year 6 Magazine - What's Buzzing? (Issue 1)

A beautifully designed, 26-page reading magazine specifically designed for Year 6 students.

Teach Starter Publishing26 pagesYear: 6


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  • Nette

    Love these magazines and they make up a big part of our differentiated literacy. Are the other year levels far away?

    • sharon bastian

      is the year 6 issue 2 ready to be downloaded? I have clicked on it several times and says it has moved or is not avaliable.

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      Hi Nette, Keep an eye on the Teach Starter website! We're currently working on Issue 2 for all the other year levels. You should start seeing them appear fairly regularly and very soon!