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Big Drink 20-Minute Timer Video

Teach Starter Publishing
20 mins | Years: F - 6

Add this handy 20-minute timer to your classroom management toolkit! With a fun animation and bold colours, it's been created by teachers with students in mind!

Set a Timer for 20 Minutes!

The primary school day is full of activities we break out into 20-minute increments – whether it’s breaking our students out into small group activities or breaking up our instruction time with a brain break. This 20-minute timer is all you need to keep your school day in order.

Beginning with a fun 10-second countdown, the animated video counts down the minutes and seconds that students have remaining for the particular activity at hand. Project it on your board with the volume on so your class can hear the quiet sipping of a drink alllll the way down, or opt to go into silent mode for a visual reference point only.

More 20-Minute Timer Ideas for Your Classroom

  1. Keep Centres or Rotations Moving — Give students a time limit for each of your rotation activities with a timer that’s projected on the board so they can look up and reference it when needed.
  2. Control Rainy Day Recess Activities — When inclement weather keeps the whole class indoors, the routine is thrown off, and students can easily forget that playtime has to come to an end! Use the timer to provide a guide that lets them know when they’ll need to start cleaning up to get back to instruction.
  3. Manage Your Parent-Teacher Interview Time — Students aren’t the only ones who could use a little help with time management! When your parent-teacher interview schedule is packed back-to-back-to-back, setting a visual timer up where parents can see it subtly signals that you’ve got other parents waiting for their turn to learn about their child’s activities.

More Digital Timers for Teachers

We know you may need more time — or less — depending on the activity. Try this handy timer for shorter activities:

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Teach Starter Publishing

Teach Starter Publishing

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