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How to Draw a Ninja Girl Video — Directed Drawing for Kids

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Years: 1 - 6

Teach your students how to draw a ninja with a step-by-step video perfect for directed drawing practice in the primary classroom.

How to Draw a Ninja Step-By-Step Instructions

This directed drawing how-to-draw video walks kids through a number of steps, helping them practice focus and concentration while they learn to draw a ninja girl.

Ninjas were mercenaries in feudal Japan who were highly trained in martial arts and stealth (ninjutsu). Although there are no longer ninjas wandering around practicing their martial arts on people (that we know of), they’re always a hit with kids. You’re bound to see at least a few little ones dressed up as ninjas every Halloween.

Ninja Girl requires the greatest attention span of our how-to-draw videos, so you might want to kick off with How to a Draw Boy and work up to these more complex drawings.

Teach Starter Teacher Tip: When your class has become pros at some or all of the How to Draw video series, they are ideal to use as a warm-up activity for any lesson. The drawing exercises are ideal to use before writing lessons and, of course, visual art lessons. Your students will be instantly engaged and ready for learning.

Want your students to follow along at their desks or work on individual drawing? You can use this video drawing tutorial in conjunction with our How to Draw a Ninja Task Cards:


Fun Ninja Facts for Kids

Looking for some facts about ninjas to share with your students as they draw?

  1. Ninjas were experts in disguise and could impersonate other people to gather information.
  2. Ninjas were also trained in hand-to-hand combat and knew how to use pressure points to incapacitate an opponent.
  3. Ninjas were also able to climb walls and walk on water, thanks to their training and special equipment.
  4. Ninjas were not always seen as heroes and were often considered to be criminals or outcasts.
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