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How to Draw a Pumpkin – Directed Drawing Video for Kids

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1 min | Years: F - 6

Use a fun and easy pumpkin drawing video as a lesson hook in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Add an Easy Pumpkin Drawing Lesson to Your Halloween Plans

Wanting to spice up your fun in the classroom this Halloween? Why not take your students through the journey of learning to draw their very own pumpkins?

All you’ll need is this 1-minute video and paper and pencils for your students.

Project the pumpkin drawing video on your whiteboard, and hit play. Accompanied by some Halloween-friendly music, the video shows off an easy line-drawing process so your students can follow along as they learn how to draw a jack o’lantern with step-by-step instructions.

You can then challenge them to label the different parts of their pumpkin, such as the stem, the rib and the shell.

The Perfect Pumpkin Lesson Hook

You could certainly use this fun drawing video for kids to lead your students through a fun autumn- or Halloween-friendly art activity as well, but if you’re looking for more ideas to use this video to hook children on your studies of plants, we’ve got more ideas for you:

  1. Explore the life cycle of a pumpkin — Introduce your class to the stages of life for everyone’s favourite autumn gourd, and lead a brainstorm on the various uses of this autumn fruit (e.g. carving, decorating the classroom or the house, cooking pies and more!).
  2. Dive into seed dispersal — Pumpkins are a great plant to use when you’re explaining seed dispersal to your students. After all, each year thousands of people around the world cut open their own pumpkins and pull out the seeds as part of their carving tradition. Draw these jack o’lantern-style pumpkins along with the video, and discuss what happens to pumpkin seeds after they’re removed from the shell. Ask students to share some of the animals they think will eat the seeds and help disperse them in nature to grow brand-new pumpkins!
  3. Observe pumpkins in the classroom — Are you growing pumpkins in the classroom this year? Provide students with individual pumpkin observation journals, and use this drawing task to lead them through the process of drawing their own cover art! Pupils can use the journal to record their observations of the pumpkin’s growth over a period of time. They can write descriptions and jot down notes of any changes they observe.

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