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How to Draw a Reindeer — Directed Drawing Video for Kids

Teach Starter Publishing
Years: 2 - 6

Teach your students how to draw a reindeer with a step-by-step video, perfect for directed drawing practice in the primary classroom.

How to Draw a Reindeer

Now, THIS is a reindeer game every kid can participate in! This directed drawing Christmas activity recreates Rudolph, Cupid, Donder, or Blitzen — it’s really up to your students.

This directed drawing how-to-draw video walks kids through a number of steps, helping them practise focus and concentration while they learn to draw a reindeer. All you will need to supply students with is paper, pencils and rubbers — although you may also want to provide materials to colour in their reindeer after their drawings are complete, adding some creative flourishes.

Teach Starter Teacher Tip: When you’re directing students on how to draw their reindeer, kid-friendly terms like ‘draw a smile line’ works for the undercurve used to make the reindeer’s belly. You can also call an overcurve a ‘rainbow line’ — e.g., the line made to create the reindeer’s head.

How to Make Reindeer Food – Fun Christmas Activity for Kids

Why not make an entire day dedicated to the reindeer? After learning how to draw Santa’s furry friends, let your students make reindeer food to bring home.

Reindeer food is a mix of edible items that kids can prepare and sprinkle outside their homes on Christmas Eve. The idea behind it is to provide a special treat for Santa’s reindeer as they make their way around the world, pulling Santa’s sleigh and delivering presents. It’s a fun and imaginative way to involve children in the holiday festivities and make them feel like they are contributing to the Christmas magic.

Here’s a basic recipe for making reindeer food:


  1. Rolled oats or dry oatmeal
  2. Glitter (optional)
  3. Red and green sugar sprinkles (optional)
  4. Small Ziplock bags


  1. Mix the Ingredients
    • In a bowl, combine rolled oats or dry oatmeal with a small amount of glitter and some red and green sugar sprinkles (if you want to add a bit of extra sparkle and colour). The glitter and sprinkles are not necessary, but they can make the reindeer food more appealing.
  2. Scoop into Containers
    • Once your students have mixed their ingredients, place the reindeer food into a small Ziplock bag.
  3. Label and Decorate
    • Let your students use stickers, markers, or printed labels to make their bags festive. They might want to include ‘Reindeer Food’ and a note about leaving it out for Santa’s reindeer (for their parents).
  4. Instructions for Use
    • Print the following instructions on a sheet of paper to send home for your students’ caregivers:
      On Christmas Eve, have your child sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn, in the garden, or on the porch. The sparkly, colourful food will help guide Santa’s reindeer to your home as they make their way around the world delivering presents.

Please note that it’s essential to use edible and safe ingredients, especially if you plan to leave the reindeer food outside for actual animals. The glitter and sugar sprinkles are optional and mainly for visual appeal, so feel free to skip them if you have environmental concerns.

More Reindeer Fun

Keep your day of reindeer fun going with these teacher-approved reindeer resources:

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Teach Starter Publishing

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