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How to Draw An Alien — Directed Drawing Video for Kids

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Years: 1 - 4

Teach students how to draw an alien with this step-by-step directed drawing video for kids.

How to Draw an Alien with Step-by-Step Instructions

Just as there is an undeniable dependency between reading and writing, there is a significant connection between drawing and writing. Some of the most famous fictional characters have been brought to life through drawing! Why not take your students’ narratives into outer space by having them create a fictional alien character using this directed drawing activity?

This one-minute video provides step-by-step instructions for how to draw a cute alien. Don’t worry; this is a kid-friendly outer space creature with big, curious eyes and a smiley face. No need for intergalactic war just yet!

All your students will need to create their unique alien character is some paper, pencils and an eraser. We also recommend providing coloured pencils or markers so students can add their own unique touches to bring their alien character to life!

Teach Starter Teacher Tip: Pause the video several times to allow students to keep up with the illustrator!

This directed drawing video will not only teach your students how to draw a friendly extraterrestrial but will also help them develop important skills like focus and concentration.

Fun Ideas to Accompany This “How to Draw an Alien” Video

  1. Space Storytelling – Have your students use their alien drawing to inspire a space adventure story. Have them imagine the alien’s home planet, its friends and the exciting escapades it embarks on in the cosmos.
  2. DIY Alien Crafts – Have your students turn their alien drawing into various craft projects. Have them create alien masks, bookmarks or even spaceship dioramas to bring their extraterrestrial creations to life.
  3. Alien Decorations – Transform your students’ alien drawings into out-of-this-world decorations for your classroom. Hang them up as intergalactic wall art or use them to decorate for a space-themed party.

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