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Funky Activities for Teaching Fractions (Early Years Special!)

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Do you find yourself on the look-out for fun, engaging, hands-on fraction activities? Only to find that, annoyingly, most activities for teaching fractions are tailored to the upper years! Early years fraction activities that are interesting and colourful are hard to come by. Until now, that is!

Fraction Activities for Early Years - Fraction Halves Craft Activities

We’ve produced a funky set of early years fraction activities to excite and engage your students! Whether at home or at school, these fun fraction activities are perfect for your little learners.

5 Activities for Teaching Fractions to Early Years Students

Hands-On Pizza Fractions

Our fractions pizza builder activity is a must-have for any early-years learner.

“I’ll have a pizza with half mushrooms and half pepperoni, thanks!”


Students can either interact with the Fractions Pizza Builder (With Toppings) or the Fractions Pizza Builder (Without Toppings). Why not include this resource in a fun, restaurant-themed invitation to play?

This activity is particularly good to use when discussing equivalent fractions.

Fraction Craft

Did you know that activities for teaching fractions can include craft?

What better way to not only have fun with craft but also teach your students about halves and quarters than our Funky Fractions activities!


These easy craft activities also help your students develop their fine motor skills and teach them about colour, shapes and symmetry.

Download to learn about different fractions with the Funky Fractions ‘Halves’ Craft Activity and Funky Fractions ‘Quarters’ Craft Activity

Playdough Fractions

Learning about numerators and denominators doesn’t have to be boring and difficult!

Make fractions fun with our hands-on Interactive Fractions Playdough Mats.

Activities for Teaching Fractions - Play dough Fractions

Your students will love moulding and shaping fractions from one whole to one twelfth with playdough. Or, why not use these cards and build each number with ribbon or another hands-on material?

Just make sure to print these cards on glossy cardboard to prevent the playdough from sticking!

Fun with Shapes – Fraction Colouring Worksheet

This inspiring fractions worksheet will challenge your students’ colouring and comprehension skills.


Read out each instruction to your students from the Half the Fun – Fractions Colouring Worksheet, and make some of your own up to finish off!

Why not use this resource as part of a mindfulness activity? Students can work to colour each shape as described on the instruction sheet. Alternatively, they can create their own set of instructions and then swap with a friend!

Fraction Building Activities

We love this versatile fractions activity!

Your class can use this resource in so many ways. Leave it with some other hands-on fractions resources, or as a match-up group activity for numeracy rotations.

Hands-on Fraction Activities - Build Your Own Fractions

Here are some other ideas for this wonderful resource:

  • Make an anchor chart around each fraction with information relating to it (for example, where you might see it in real life, equivalent fractions etc.)
  • Once your students have completed the fractions cards, use them in a call and answer whole-class activity.
  • Have your students order the fractions from smallest to greatest.
  • Encourage your learners to use these cards as labels around your room!

Why not give your students these fraction cards and see what they can come up with?

If you’re looking for more fun ideas on how to teach fractions, check out the activities below!

Or head to our Fractions, Decimals and Percentages resource collection.


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