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Connecting Volume and Capacity Posters

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PDF | 3 pages | Years: 2 - 6

Display these posters in the classroom for students to reference while converting units of volume and capacity as well as connecting the two.

The following outlines what is included in each poster.

Converting Units of Volume

This poster includes the conversion between:

  • cubic centimetres (cm3) and cubic millimetres (mm3)
  • cubic metres (m3) and cubic centimetres (cm3)
  • cubic kilometres (km3) and cubic metres (m3)

Converting Units of Capacity

This poster includes the conversion between:

  • litres (L) and millilitres (mL)
  • kilolitres (kL) and litres (L)
  • megalitres (ML) and kilolitres (kL)

Connecting Volume and Capacity

This poster includes the connection between:

  • cubic centimetres (cm3) and millilitres (mL)
  • cubic centimetres (cm3) and litres (L)
  • cubic metres (m3) and kilolitres (kL)
  • cubic metres (m3) and megalitres (ML)


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