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Dice Roller

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for stages:  1 - 6

A dice roll simulator that allows you to roll up to 6 different types of dice at a time.

Use this Dice Roller widget with board games, maths warm-ups, roll to create activities, and much more!

This 3D simulation allows you to roll up to six dice all at once. Each dice can be individually customised to one of six different types.

No more rogue dice flying across the room!

Dice Types

Choose from 6 different types of dice:

  • 1–6
  • 1–8
  • 0–9
  • 1–12
  • 1–20
  • 00–90 (increments of 10).

Automatically Find the Total

The widget generates an addition number sentence based on the results of each dice throw. This feature can assist students in early years with finding the total value of multiple dice.
The result can be hidden by clicking the checkbox in the settings menu.


Try the Dice Roller widget with the following resources:



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