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Online Dice Roller

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for years:  F - 7

Roll out a free online dice roller, designed for classrooms, with the ability to roll as many as 6 different types of dice at a time. This teacher-created resource is the perfect addition to your next maths lesson plan!

Add an Online Dice Roller to Your Teacher Toolkit

Chasing the dice across the classroom? So yesterday! Rolling the dice out the door? Not anymore.

Never lose your classroom dice again with the free digital dice roller widget designed by the Teach Starter teachers to end those classic headaches.

As teachers, we know that dice are easily one of the most popular classroom maths manipulatives — they can be used for so many activities, and everyone wants to have a roll.

The problem comes with their size. They don’t make great tools for whole-class activities as they can be difficult for all your students to see. Their small size also means they easily get lost around the classroom (especially when rolled with great enthusiasm!). That’s why we made classroom dice that can never get lost!

The Teach Starter Dice Roller widget has been created just for classrooms to use online with board games, maths warm-ups, roll-to-create activities, and much more! This 3D simulation allows you to roll up to six dice all at once, and each die can be individually customised.

Bonus: This online dice roller has more than just the traditional 6-sided dice – it comes with the ability to have up to 6 dice at a time, with an assortment of sides. That’s right! You get the options of 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 faces or ten faces counting up in 10s.

Read on to find out how to use this dice roller in the classroom, plus tips for adding this online tool into your maths activities, brain breaks and more!

How to Use the Free Dice Roller in Your Classroom

Using the Dice Roller is simple, so your students can do it themselves. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select how many dice you would like to roll.
  2. Select the number of faces for each dice — you can have all the dice with the same number of faces, or a variety (great for upper years probability activities!)
  3. Click to roll!

That’s it. No more rogue dice flying across the room!

  • The Dice Roller Widget is large enough to share with all students on an interactive whiteboard or projector.
  • Students can also do a virtual dice roll on their iPads or devices.

Which Dice Types Are Included?

You can choose from 6 different dice types for your activities, including:

  • 1–6
  • 1–8
  • 0–9
  • 1–12
  • 1–20
  • 00–90 (increments of 10)

How to Automatically Find the Total

The roller tool generates an addition number sentence based on the results of each dice throw. This feature can assist students in early years with finding the total value of multiple dice.

Text reads Don’t want students to see the total? The result can be hidden by clicking the checkbox in the settings menu! on a green bubble

Fun Dice Roller Ideas for Your Classroom

Need a few ideas for adding this tool to your teacher toolkit? Here are just a few from our teacher team:

Vocabulary Dice Roll Activity

Using the dice with numbers featured in the dice widget is a great opportunity to get your students to practice their subitising skills when matching the dots on the dice featured in many activities.

This Vocabulary Dice Roll Activity is a simple activity that asks students to roll the dice and complete the corresponding activity with a selection of their sight words.

vocabulary dice game with online dice roller

For a more advanced activity, try out the Read and Roll – Comprehension Dice Game.

Randomise Your Brain Break Games

This is a great idea if your class can never decide on which game to play. Using any selection of brain break activities, assign each activity a number. When your class is ready for some active fun, simply roll the dice and perform the corresponding activity.

Roll to Create…

Roll to Create Games are a super fun way to make an old activity new. Build the excitement by rolling the dice and seeing what you create – every student will have something different. Students roll a die and use the corresponding features on the chart to create a picture, word, number or story. As well as this Roll to Create a Crazy, Creepy Story, we also have a variety of other activities available in your subscription. We even have a Blank Roll to Create Activity, so your class can make their own!

Order Your Students

Using the online dice roller for simple classroom tasks is a great way to incorporate it into your everyday routine.

If you have students who have to take turns doing a task or activity, for example getting up to share their work, why not let the Dice Roller Widget do the ordering for you? Roll as few or as many dice as you like – one roll per student. The numbers that your students receive decide what order they go in.

Roll It! Bingo Game

The best thing about our online dice roller widget is that it has a handy function at the bottom which adds each number on the dice together for you and your class. Why not cover it up, and ask your students to work it out first before the big reveal?

roll it bingo game with online dice roller


This Roll It Operations Game is just what your students need to practice their quick-thinking skills with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you want to take this concept and make it even faster, keep them on their toes by rolling the dice and then calling out the operation you want them to perform!

Chance and Data

Of course, with the help of this widget, you can consolidate your students’ understanding of chance and data. Dice are great as they give your students a finite number of variables with an infinite number of rolls. Games such as our Diving Board Bonanza! – Chance Game are a great way for your students to use the dice roller to learn about probability.

diving board game worksheet for teaching chance

Students place their 5 yellow or 5 blue divers on the numbered diving boards and diving platforms on their gameboard, then roll a dice to see if their divers get to dive into the pool! If a student has any of their divers standing on a diving board or diving platform of the number rolled on the dice, the divers on that number are removed from the gameboard. The first person to have all their divers removed from the gameboard is the winner!

Teaching Number Concepts

The most simple, yet incredibly effective use for this wonderful widget is its ability to randomly generate numbers for your students.

Use it with our Roll It, Make It, Expand It! Place Value Worksheet. Students roll two dice and select one dice as their ‘tens’ and one dice and their ‘ones.’ Students then record the number they have rolled, make it with MAB, draw what they have made and show it in expanded form. 3-Digit Roll It, Make It, Expand It! Place Value Worksheet helps students take this even further. Simply change to having 3 dice, and roll away.


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