One Million Trees by 2033

Teach Starter is on a mission to plant one million trees by 2033. To make this a reality, we will be planting a tree for every person who subscribes to Teach Starter.

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Teach Starter & Carbon Neutral

Teach Starter is a proud supporter of Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral helps organisations across Australia and beyond minimise their impact on the environment by working with them to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

At Teach Starter, we believe that business should be a force for good. Through our One Million Trees by 2033 project, we are helping to offset the impact our business and our members have on the environment.

About Carbon Neutral

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Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

In Western Australia, about 90% of the northern Wheatbelt was cleared for agriculture from the early 1900s. This removed so much native habitat that many plant and animal species went extinct locally or regionally. Others, however, hung on in woodland and shrubland remnants usually on rocky ridges and commercially less productive upper valley slopes.

We are supporting Carbon Neutral's mission to regenerate this delicate region, one tree at a time.

Teach Starter Offsets Emissions

Australian carbon and energy management specialists, Pangolin Associates, has measured Teach Starter's carbon footprint and we have chosen to offset these emissions with certified (VCU) carbon credits, achieving Gold Sustainability Rating in 2019.

Our credits support global renewable energy, biodiversity, and forestry conservation projects.

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