Routines Teaching Resources

Do you need help with classroom routine ideas this school year? Our teacher team has created dozens of resources to make explaining your routines and keeping students on routine easy — from classroom job bulletin boards and charts to Google Slide templates that walk students through the morning agendas to classroom schedules. These teacher-created resources help students stay on task and keep things moving throughout the school day for a day that's easier on you and your students both!

How Do Routines Help Teachers With Classroom Management?

Are you exploring the addition of routines to your classroom to help kick-start your classroom management? You may be pleasantly surprised by the results! Routines play a substantial role in successful classroom management because they help provide structure for the day. This can help students know what to expect and, in turn, that helps students to be more successful too!

Classroom Routine Examples and Ideas

Looking for some routines that can help your classroom management this school year? Here are some periods of the school day when setting up routines can make a big difference to your classroom management, plus resources to help set them up!

1. Morning Routines

Mornings are more manageable when students know just what to do when they arrive at school, so you can take attendance and get ready for the day while they're stowing bookbags and getting ready to learn! This pre-created Google Slides template will walk students through their routine for the morning with an agenda they can follow.

2. Line Up Routines

Students spend a lot of the school day in line, whether they're heading to specials or the cafeteria or outside for recess. Set up routines so students know exactly what to do and how to behave!

3. Technology Routines

Make tablet and computer time less stressful with routines that every student knows to follow! Print a technology routines poster to display in the classroom so every student knows just what to do.

4. End of the School Day

Students should know exactly what to do during the dismissal period. Should they be putting chairs on their desks? Do walkers go to one place and students who ride the bus go to another? What happens with homework folders? All of this should be mapped out, so the end of the day period will run smoothly! Print out end-of-the-day bookmarks for students to check the routines when they've forgotten what to do!
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