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Math Center Activities

Bring your math centers to life with math center activities created by teachers and rigorously reviewed by the expert educators on the Teach Starter team! You'll find math games, math printables, and more for students from kindergarten through elementary school. Whether it's a set of counting clip cards, task cards for practicing time, a multiplication hidden picture, an interactive puzzle, or any of the other hundreds of unique math center games and activities in this collection, every single resource has been vetted to ensure it's ready for your classroom and your centers!

What Is a Math Center?

In an elementary classroom, a subject-focused center is a place within the room where students can work in small groups or semi-independently or with a small group to review information or a skill they have learned. These engaging spaces give teachers space to differentiate instruction for students and also allow learners to problem solve and practice working independently or with others. In particular, a math center is a special space in the classroom that allows students to explore new math concepts so they can increase understanding and develop their math skills. These are also sometimes called math learning centers. Students often work with math manipulatives in math centers, and they may work on a variety of concepts from fact fluency to place value to geometry. The topic all depends on the math lessons on tap in your classroom! Math centers may give students a chance to work in mixed groups or may work with academically-alike groups, or with students with similar or different learning styles or personalities.

How Do Math Centers Help Students?

Like writing and reading centers, math centers give studentsa chance to try out new concepts and apply the skills and strategies that they've learned in the classroom. As they say, practice makes perfect, and math centers provide students with that practice time. Math centers have been linked to students' level of confidence in their abilities as young mathematicians, which is linked to their success in the classroom!

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