Classroom Posters Teaching Resources

Save time on decorating with printable classroom posters created by teachers with teachers in mind. Explore a curated collection of beautifully illustrated classroom visuals, motivational sayings for students, historical timelines to post on the classroom wall, and vocabulary definition displays for ESL learners. Plus anchor charts you can use as reference points for your students.

Why Is It Important to Have Posters in the Classroom?

Looking around your room and wondering if you really need to hang up MORE things? Less may seem like more when it comes to classroom decor, but posters are an underrated learning tool for young learners. By highlighting learning topics with engaging illustrations and bright colors, classroom posters educate and inform students just like the materials in a textbook. What's more, a good classroom poster can serve to reinforce the lessons being taught and serve as points for constant learning.

Printable Classroom Posters Collection

Each teaching resource in this collection has been created to be printed i for easy reading from any spot in your classroom with bright, colorful illustrations designed with students in mind. Included in this collection of printable decor for your elementary classroom walls, you'll find:
  • Science classroom posters
  • Art classroom posters
  • Classroom posters about reading
  • Math posters for the classroom
  • Alphabet posters for the classroom
  • And more!
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