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Recognise and know how to use simple grammatical morphemes to create word families


  • building word families from common morphemes, for example 'play', 'plays', 'playing', 'played', 'playground' (Skills: Literacy)
  • using morphemes to read words, for example by recognising the base word in words such as ‘walk-ed’ (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking)

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3 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments
  • Preview image for Word Morph Active Game - teaching resource

    teaching resource

    Word Morph Active Game

    An active game that allows students to test and build their phonetic knowledge.

    Teach Starter Publishing 1 page Years: 1 - 4 Has Starter Sheet
  • Preview image for Dictation Passages PowerPoint - Year 1 - teaching resource

    teaching resource

    Dictation Passages PowerPoint - Year 1

    A 22 slide editable PowerPoint Template which can be used for a range of dictation activities.

    Teach Starter Publishing 2 pages Year: 1
  • Preview image for Word Family Slide Activity - teaching resource

    teaching resource

    Word Family Slide Activity

    A set of 12 word families are used to create this fun individual or small group activity using planes.

    Teach Starter Publishing 13 pages Years: 1 - 2