21 Theme Day Ideas for Remote Learning

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Well, you know what they say, when life gives you lemons – make lemonade! If you’re currently in the midst of online teaching and learning – then spice up your class meetings by theming your days. You might like to create a Thursday Theme Day and center all your activities around that theme. Kids come dressed up and you can decorate behind you in that theme. Have a bit of fun and enjoy the looks on your students’ faces when you join the class meeting with the craziest of costumes! Here are some super fun theme day ideas for remote learning.

How to Make Remote Learning Fun

Here are some of our ideas for themes you could set up during remote learning. Get creative and make all the activities or school work that the students complete on that day match the theme.

(1) Rainbow Day – students can dress up in as many colours as they can, they can cover rainbow facts in maths, write a poem about their favourite colour and they could go on a scavenger hunt to find one item from each of the colours in the rainbow.

(2) Season Day – students could come dressed ready for their favourite season and they could fill out a fact sheet about their favourite season, plus many more seasons activities for kids.

(3) Crazy Sock Day – wear some crazy socks, use the crazy socks for a writing stimulus, or design your very own crazy socks.

(4) Favourite Book Day – children bring their favourite book and dress up as their favourite character.

(5) Pyjama Day – your students can wear their favourite pyjamas.

(6) Favourite Animal Day– find things around the house that you can use to dress up as an animal, students can then complete an animal information report about their chosen animal.

(7) Family Day – bring along a family member to introduce to the class, complete an interview with your family member.

(8) Home Country Day– wear the colours of your home country to the meeting, write about your country, locate it on a world map or write 10 interesting facts about the country.

(9) Olympic Theme Day – the day is all about that Olympics, complete an athlete profile, write about your favourite sport to watch, complete a class survey and create a graph showing the most favourite sports of the students in the class.

(10) Picnic Day – if you can, sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, students can set up a picnic for themselves including a nice baked item.

(11) Favourite Sports Team Day – wear your favourite sporting team’s jersey or the colours of your team.

(12) Sun Smart Day – bring all of the things you need to be sun smart to the class meeting, complete an advertisement that talks about how to be sun smart.

(13) Crazy Hair Day – it’s time for some fun – kids come to the meeting with the craziest of hair! Talk about similarities and differences and students can draw a self-portrait of what they look like with their crazy hair.

(14) Hat Day– wear a hat to the meeting and talk about where you might wear the hat – the crazier the better!

(15) Stuffed Toy Day – one for the little ones – they can bring along their favourite stuffed toy! They can write a description about their stuffed animal too.

(16) Create Your own Mask Day – encourage students to create their very own mask with some paper and string.

(17) Zootopia Theme Day – pick an animal that you find in the zoo and dress as your favourite!

(18) Occupation Day – What do you want to be when you grow up? Find things around the house that you can use to show to your classmates what worker you are dressing up as. Write a description about these workers and what they do in the community.

(19) My Superhero Day – come dressed as your superhero – it could be a superhero from a story – or a real superhero like your mum, dad, doctor etc. Students can then write some sentences about why that person is their superhero.

(20) Party Day – this would be a nice Friday theme – it’s Friday Funday! What can they find around their house that shows they are ready to party! Play some fun games on this day.

(21) Laughing Day– the theme is all about making each other laugh – come in your craziest outfit and have a joke ready to share with your friends.

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  • Alison Ryan

    Love the theme days!

    • Trish (Teach Starter)

      Thanks so much, Alison! We'd love to hear if you implement any of these ideas in your class!

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