Blurt Buttons | A Fun Way to Curb Calling Out in the Classroom

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  • Helen Wearing-Smith

    I love the concept of this for a class teacher, and it would work for a Relief teacher (which l am) but it doesn’t really promote considered responses... I use THINK (is it true?, helpful at this moment? Important right now? Necessary right now? Kind? ) within a day most students begin to improve, if you remind them to go through the THINK mantra, stopping at the first “no”.

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      Hi Helen, That's a good tip! Thank you for taking the time to share that feedback.

  • Emma James

    Did this with year 5/6. Worked amazingly, fabulously well! The only change I made was that if you lost all 5 of your buttons you would lose five minutes of your recess time, as my class are chronic blurters. They're all very excited about their big reward, which will be Dodgeball ^_^

    • Bronwyn

      Hi Emma! Thanks for your great feedback. It makes our day to hear about your classroom experiences with our resources! I love your idea for extending this activity even further. Have fun with the Dodgeball game!

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