Common Teacher Interview Questions — What You'll Be Asked + What You Should Ask

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  • Brittney Stefan

    Hi, I was just wondering if different colours could please be added? 🙂

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      Hi Brittney, Thank you for your comment! So we can keep all of our suggestions and requests together, can you please submit a change request to this resource using the Changes & Updates tab above? This tab can be found near the comments section. Thanks again!

  • Melissa Creswell

    I absolutely love the new teacher resume template and also all the information you have provided. You have made my life that little bit easier for when I graduate later in the year. I have my GRP interview in 3 weeks so this came at the perfect time.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Melissa, I am so glad that this resume template has helped you on your journey in finding a teaching position. Best of luck!

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