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Do you find it difficult to set individualised student goals plus monitor and track each of your students’ achievements in every subject area? You’re not alone!

As teachers, we know the importance of setting goals for our students, however, monitoring and easily tracking these goals can leave you feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. Putting in place a system that helps not only your students, but yourself to keep track of these goals is vital! Don’t be afraid to pick and choose from the ideas in this blog to find what works best for your students and the concepts you are currently teaching.

Helping our students to set and achieve their own goals is also an important part of teaching. Having attainable student goals is a great way for the kids in our care to take control of their learning journey and continuously improve in their learning. Not only this, but setting goals in other areas of their lives helps our students to improve personally and socially as well!

Student Goal Setting in the Classroom

There are two key elements to helping children learn how to set appropriate goals.

1. Teach students what makes a good goal.

Before students can set goals, they need a plan! For a goal to be appropriate, it needs to be SMART:

S – Specific. What, exactly, do they want to achieve?

M – Measurable. How will they know that they have achieved their goal?

A – Achievable. Your students want to set goals that are challenging, but attainable. Is the outcome of the goal feasible?

R – Relevant. Does the student goal reflect something that the student should be working towards?

T – Timely. What is the timeframe for achieving the student’s goal?

Once your students understand how to create SMART goals, they’re ready to put their thoughts down on paper. For that they will need…

2. A super-cool goal-setting template!

Getting students excited about their goals is easy when you have eye-catching goal setting templates. Not only this, but displaying your goal setting templates somewhere that they can be referred to again and again helps students achieve their goals even more quickly. And, it just so happens that we have just the thing.

Goal Setting Templates for the Classroom

The students in your class will LOVE our worksheets – The Goal Setting Template (Mountain) and Goal Setting Template (Iceberg)These templates have been beautifully created by our designer Clayton McIntosh.

Each of these templates shows your students how easy it is to break big goals down into smaller, achievable points. Not only this, but they also come in colour, black and white and editable Microsoft Word versions to boot! So, your students can colour in their own template, or edit it themselves if they are learning from home.


Mountain Goal Setting Template

The Goals Setting Template (Mountain) is a wonderful visual representation of the journey students go along to achieve a goal.

Students can work with their teacher to establish three goals. These can either be cumulative goals, or goals that focus on three separate areas of their lives, for example, a learning, a social, and a behavioral goal.

Simply write a shortened version of each goal in the top section of the mountain, and then expand upon each student goal on the bottom half of the page.

Another great feature of this worksheet is its ability to be a visual reminder while students are working. Simply fold the template in half, paste it in the rear cover of each students’ book, and then unfold the top half of the page so that it sticks out from the edge of the book while the students are working!

Iceberg Goal Setting Template

The Goals Setting Template (Iceberg) is perfect for students who need to see exactly which success criteria they need to tick off to achieve their goal. Our example of the goal “Successfully write a compound sentence.” includes success criteria such as including a capital letter, full stop, and two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction!

The brilliant thing about this template is that it helps students learn that for every goal there are a lot of elements lurking below the surface that need to be considered. Using student goal setting templates that include space for success criteria is a great way for students to visualise each little piece of the puzzle to achieving their goal.

This template can be folded into thirds, pasted into the rear cover of each child’s book, and then unfolded to have the top third sticking out of the cover while the students work. What a great visual reminder of learning goals while students are learning!

Learning Goal Display Ideas for the Classroom

Setting up a learning goal display or ‘bump it up wall’ in your classroom definitely has its perks. However, there is an elephant in the room for teachers, the cringe-worthy factor of students visibly being able to see those students who are struggling and how that, in turn, affects these students mentally.

If you feel like you have students in your class that would struggle with this set-up, there are still ways that you can reap the benefits of a bump it up wall without making it obvious those students that may be struggling to reach the major goals of the class.

Create Inspirational Classroom Goal Displays

Don’t reinvent the wheel and spend hours trying to find the resources or images required to set up a learning display. We have five gorgeously illustrated packs ready to download. Pick and choose what you want and display it the way that works best in your classroom.

Each pack includes the following printable resources to create a goal display:

  • display banner
  • Learning Intentions poster
  • Success Criteria poster
  • cute characters to move through the levels
  • display decorations.

Here’s a collection of our best printable bump it up wall templates:

Image of Space Themed Bump It Up Data Wall Display

teaching resource

Space Themed Bump It Up Data Wall Display

A space themed Bump It Up Wall to display in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing21 pagesYears: 1 - 6
Image of Mountain Climbers Bump It Up Data Wall Display

teaching resource

Mountain Climbers Bump It Up Data Wall Display

A mountain climbers Bump It Up Wall to display in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing26 pagesYears: 1 - 6
Image of Fantasy Adventure Bump It Up Data Wall Display

teaching resource

Fantasy Adventure Bump It Up Data Wall Display

A fantasy adventure themed Bump It Up Wall to display in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing24 pagesYears: 1 - 6
Image of Rock Climbing Bump it Up Data Wall Display

teaching resource

Rock Climbing Bump it Up Data Wall Display

A rock climbing themed Bump It Up Wall to display in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing20 pagesYears: 1 - 6

Now, it’s all well and good to create a Pinterest-worthy display that shows students what goal they are currently working on, however, it can be much more than a pretty display.

Here are some simple ways to get the most out of a classroom student goal display:

  1. Consider the location of your display. Make sure it’s visible to your students. Along with the display, create an area in front of the display with a desk and chairs to encourage one-on-one feedback interviews for your students that have finished their work. You don’t need to do this with every student at the end of every session. Just focus on giving at least two or three students feedback that links to the goals display.
  2. Track goals easily. All of our printable learning goal card resources include a printable checklist in excel or pdf which is a great way to keep track of each student’s goals.

Display Sets of Student Goals, not Student Names

Another goal display which we have fallen in love with is this gorgeous goal getters display by @little_learners_big_ideas. We just love the simplicity and soft colours used to create this display.

If you feel strongly about not putting your students’ names visible on a classroom goal display, you may like to still display each set of goals in your classroom. You could then utilise our Goal Setting Desk Plates for students to track their own individualised goals either on their desk or stuck in a goal getters student book.

Goal Getters Classroom Display

Create a Portable Display

We think this is a super clever idea by @learnwithplayathome. Create a goal display for your students on a large piece of very thick card. That way you can move the goal display around where ever it is visible for your students. This is a great idea especially if you have flexible seating options in your classroom or have limited wall space.

We also think it’s super nifty to use sticky notes for the students’ names. That make it super easy to move them around depending on what goal they are working towards.

Our Writing Goals for Lower Years has been utilised to create this crafty goal display.

Vertical vs Horizontal

Such a simple idea, but it can really transform the way students perceive the goal display. Simply changing the layout of your display to go from left to right rather than from the bottom to the top instantly makes the goals seem more achievable.

Here is an example of our bushwalking themed bump it up wall set out horizontally.

Celebrate Success Display

Display this gorgeous Summit of Success Goal Mountain to motivate your students to achieve their goals. Each time students reach one of their goals, they can move their Mountain Goat sticky note to the Summit of Success Goal  Mountain. Read Emma’s blog about clever ways to use sticky notes in the classroom.

Once the whole class has filled the mountain they get a reward of your choosing!


There you have it, some really nifty ideas for managing individualised goals in your classroom. We hope this blog has inspired you to give a learning goals display a go in your classroom.

On the search for more student goal setting resources?

Make sure to check out our Goals and Feedback Classroom Management collection or take a look at the fun resources below!

Image of How to Easily Display and Track Student Goals in the Classroom


How to Easily Display and Track Student Goals in the Classroom

Here is a list of some awesome hints and tips for setting up and monitoring student goals in the classroom.

Image of Learning Goals PowerPoint Template

teaching resource

Learning Goals PowerPoint Template

A PowerPoint presentation with 9 learning goals.

Teach Starter Publishing11 pagesYears: F - 7
Image of A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish


A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish

For students to become active participants in the learning process, a learning experience needs to have a reason; with clearly defined and achievable goals.

Image of We're Aiming High - Bump It Up Data Wall Display

teaching resource

We're Aiming High - Bump It Up Data Wall Display

A hot air balloon themed Bump It Up Wall to display in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing23 pages


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