How to Prioritise Your Tasks When Everything is a Priority

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    Love, love, love this! As an experienced teacher who is working 2 teacher jobs, studying a Masters and has a busy family, this is a Godsend. Thank you :)

    • Kristian

      Hi Emily, Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad you are enjoying our resources.


    Thank you so, so much! I am a graduate teacher and always want to do ALL of the things. I need this level of organisation to maintain my focus. I've decided to use Google Keep - and start the trial run over these school holidays to prioritise what I can do at home for school, and the jobs around my home that have piled up during term time, and what I can leave until I return to school. Now...I breathe... ps. the headings that you've offered have repeated Not Urgent Not Important where one should be Not Urgent Important :)

    • Cassie (Teach Starter)

      Hi Miss Jackman! I'm so glad this post has been of value to you. I think trying it out over the school holidays is a fantastic idea. For me personally, I notice that when I am starting to feel overwhelmed again, my boards are often in a somewhat neglected state of mess . Then a quick add, delete and shuffle of the tasks on each board seems to help bring me back to a moment of calm again (for a little while, at least!). I've only recently moved from cork boards and post-it notes to using Google Keep and am finding it to be a really excellent way of keeping track of things. Have a squiz at creating labels for your GK notes too. It's an easy way to keep your Eisenhower notes uncluttered (under their own label) while making space for all of the other notes/reminders you want to keep for everything else (under other labels). Let me know how you go! I'm always keen to geek out a little over organisational processes. Teehee! (Thank you also for letting me know about the typo. I have read this post so many times that it slipped past my final proof!) Cassie - Teach Starter

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