Episode 129

How Should I Choose A School For My Child? Gabbie Stroud

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If you’re a teacher, chances are that you’ve been asked in your social circle: “How do I choose a school for my child, or perhaps: “How do I choose THE BEST school for my child?”.

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve put plenty of thought into selecting a school for your kids. Send them where you went? Send them to the closest school? Send them to a school with values aligned to yours? Send them somewhere with stellar testing results?

This week, celebrated teacher-turned-author Gabbie Stroud launched her newest book. In her “call it like it is” style, Gabbie writes to the mums and dads of Australia in her follow up to “Teacher”, entitled: Dear Parents.

I asked Gabbie for her advice for parents on how to choose the best school for their children. Her answer is spot on.

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