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Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving Task Cards

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PDF | 6 pages | Years: 3 - 4

Practice solving 1- and 2-step word problems by adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers with this set of 16 task cards.

In this maths activity, your students will continue building the relationship between addition and subtraction while honing their skills for solving word problems.

Students will have to decide whether to use their subtraction or addition to solve the number sentences.

With our task cards, students will show that they can use addition and subtraction strategies to solve 1- and 2-step word problems to find the difference or the sum within 100. 

How to use these addition and subtraction task cards

Provide each student with a recording sheet (included) and the task cards. Students will solve for the sum or difference and write their answer in the corresponding space on the recording sheet. 

An answer key is included for students to check their answers independently.   

Use these task cards with mini whiteboards, maths workbooks and smartboards for a quick maths warm-up.

Additional support and extension

For students who need more support honing this skill, use the task cards in your guided maths group and limit the number of word problems. Provide students with manipulatives when adding and subtracting or encourage them to draw pictures to help them solve the problems.

Challenge fast finishers who already understand the concept to partner up with a peer, split the cards, and take turns orally explaining how they arrived at their answers. This action allows students to slow down and think through the logic they used to solve the problem. 

One resource with multiple applications!

Here are some other ways you might like to use these task cards in your maths lesson.

Team Relay

Divide your class into two team lines and provide the two students at the front of each line with a whiteboard. Show a task card to the students and have them solve for the sum on their board. The student that answers correctly first wins the card, and both students go to the back of the line, handing their whiteboard to the next competitors. The team with the most task cards at the end of the game wins!

Scoot Activity

Place the cards around the room in numerical order and give each student a recording sheet. Assign students or pairs to a starting point card. Give students time to review the card and record their answer in the corresponding space on their paper. The students will rotate to the next card on your cue (for example, say, “SCOOT”). Continue in this manner until students return to their starting point. 

Show Me!

Give each student a mini whiteboard board and a whiteboard marker. Project one task card at a time and have each student solve for the sum on their board. When everyone has written down their answer, say, “Show Me.” Students will flip their boards, allowing you to see who needs extra support. Students can also work together in pairs or teams. 


This resource was created by Allie Kleijnjans, a teacher in Pennsylvania and Teach Starter Collaborator. 


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