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Australia Day Mobile - Upper Years

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PDF | 3 pages | Years: 4 - 6

An Australia Day-themed mobile activity that encourages thinking about First Nations perspectives.

Use this mobile activy when learning about themes to do with Australia Day.

This activity asks your students to think about what the motto of Australia Day, “Reflect. Respect. Celebrate” means in regards to how Australia Day should be celebrated and encourages them to do research into the First Nations people in their local area.

Teaching About Australia Day in a Sensitive Way

Rather than consider Australia Day as just another celebratory holiday, this mobile activity invites students to think about the meaning behind the motto of Australia Day.

Some ideas to lead the class discussion include:

  • What do they view as typically Australian and how might that differ from person to person?
  • Why might Australia Day be viewed as disrespectful by First Nations people?
  • What makes them proud to be Australian and why are those things important to them to celebrate?

The Impact of Australia Day on First Nations People

Use this mobile as a conversation starter into how life has changed for First Nation people since January 26th, 1788. Encourage your students to research into the First Nations groups in your local area, and the original name of their town.

Possible discussion starters could be:

  • What do you think our local area looked like when only the (insert local first nations language group) lived here?
  • How do you think the local animals and plants may have been used by the people who lived here?
  • What does life look like for First Nations people who live here now? How might they feel about the changes this area has gone through since their ancestors lived here?

Differentiating for Your Students with the Australia Day Mobile

For students who need extra help, the Australia Day Mobile – Lower Years activity asks simplified versions of these questions.

Students who require extending may use this task as a basis for creating a new motto for Australia day that is culturally sensitive and celebratory.

For more ideas on how to teach about Australia Day in a culturally sensitive way, read our blog Celebrating Australia Day in a 21st Century Classroom.

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