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Back to School – Listening Skills Refresh PowerPoint

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PowerPoint, PDF | 23 pages | Years: 1 - 4

An interactive PowerPoint to re-awaken listening skills after the holiday break.

Let’s face it, after a long holiday break, it’s often challenging to get students focused again and back into the habit of being good listeners! Let us lighten that burden a little with this listening comprehension activity.

This PowerPoint and accompanying script will provide a fun way to introduce some listening practice into the school day. Designed around a timely back to school theme, the listening exercise includes:

  • 10 sets of 3 images (school supplies, bags, uniforms etc)
  • a script that describes one of the images in each set.

How to Use This Listening Skills PowerPoint

You may decide to use the entire resource in one session, or split it over several separate sessions.

Impress upon the students the importance of listening carefully to all the clues you read to them. A pause after reading each sentence will allow time for the students to comprehend the description (which sometimes involves a little inference.)

Students compare the images to find the BEST match. Encourage discussion as they justify their decisions. If students are finding it difficult to choose an image, read the script again.

Re-start those rusty listening skills at the beginning of the new school year with this enjoyable and relatable activity.

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  • ACELY1666

    Listen for specific purposes and information, including instructions, and extend students’ own and others' ideas in discussionsElaborationsusing spoken language for problem solving, and exploring ideas and concepts (Skills: Literacy, Critical an...

  • ACELY1670

    Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning and begin to analyse texts by drawing on growing knowledge of context, language and visual features and print and multimodal text structuresElaborationsmaking connections between the ...

  • ACELY1680

    Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning and begin to evaluate texts by drawing on a growing knowledge of context, text structures and language featuresElaborationsmaking connections between the text and students own experie...

  • ACELY1687

    Interpret ideas and information in spoken texts and listen for key points in order to carry out tasks and use information to share and extend ideas and informationElaborationsmaking notes about a task, asking questions to clarify or follow up informa...

  • ACELY1692

    Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning to expand content knowledge, integrating and linking ideas and analysing and evaluating textsElaborationsmaking connections between the text and students’ own experience and oth...

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  • Kylie Bickerdike
    I was wondering about the script as well, but then I discovered in the download link if you press the arrow down button you will see it as a separate download. Hope this helps and makes sense.
    • Holly (Teach Starter)
      Thanks Kylie!
  • Tracy Coxon
    HI, I can't find the script. Nothing plays when the powerpoint is run.
    • Holly (Teach Starter)
      Hi Tracy, if you scroll up to the download button and then click on the arrow beside it you'll see a download option called 'script' hope this helps!
  • Wendy Mountford
    Where is the script please?
  • Stephanie Bensted
    Where is the script

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