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Beat the Blast Off Game - Reading and Spelling CVC, CVCC and CCVC Words

K-3 Teacher Resources
PDF | 7 pages | Years: F - 2

A fun game to use when learning how to read and spell CVC, CVCC and CCVC words.


The aim of the game is to guess the word by asking what letters it contains before the rocket is drawn and takes off.

Players = 2


  • 1 x set of word cards
  • 1 x set of blank cards
  • 2 x whiteboard pens
  • 2 x rocket templates
  • Blank paper or a workbook

How to Play
1. Player one (the cardholder) chooses a word card or their own word.
2. Player two (the word guesser) tries to guess the word by suggesting letters.
3. Player two may guess the whole word at any time. If the word is correct, the game is over and player two wins.
4. Each time player two makes an incorrect letter guess, player one draws the next part of the rocket diagram.
5. If player two makes 10 incorrect guesses, then player one completes the rocket diagram and wins the game.

Top Tips:

  • Write down the letters that you have guessed to help you avoid guessing the same letter more than once.
  • Most words contain a vowel so try guessing vowel letters.
  • Think about letters that work together to make one sound (e.g, ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘sh’).
  • Only guess the word when you feel that you are sure what it is!


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