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Cactus and Sombrero Birthday Display Template

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PDF | 22 pages | Years: P - 7

A template for creating a cactus and sombrero themed birthday display.

Use this template to create a fun and unique cactus and sombrero themed birthday board or birthday wall in your classroom.

The template includes:

  • 12 cacti ‘months’ (two cacti per A4 page)
  • Blank sombrero hat templates (six hats per A4 page)
  • Blue and yellow “Happy Birthday” bunting flags (one flag per A4 page)

To use this teaching resource:

  1. Laminate the bunting flags, the cacti ‘months’ and the other cut out decorations before you create your birthday board.
  2. Provide each student with one blank sombrero hat on which they can write their name, write their birthday and decorate it as they wish.
  3. Attach the cacti, decorations and the birthday sombreros to the birthday board using blue tack or double-sided tape.
  4. When you take down your display the main templates can be reused for the next year (or passed on to another teacher who loved this birthday board idea!) and you can print more blank sombreros for your new student group.

Hints and Tips:

  • Print the cacti ‘months’ and the sombreros at the same size to ensure correct proportions.

The bunting flags in this template print one flag per A4 page. This may be too large, depending on the size of your birthday board.

  • To create a portrait-orientated Mexican themed birthday display try printing the bunting flags 4-6 pages per one A4 page.
  • To create a landscape-orientated birthday board try printing your bunting flags 2-4 pages per one A4 page.


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  • Jessica Mills

    Love this resource. Only 2 things I would change - the blue bunting prints a different colour where the letters are. It's not really noticeable from a distance. Also, the cactus 'spikes' I cut off after laminating because I wasn't going to cut around them. Would take forever. Maybe the spikes could go on the body of the cactus. Thanks again for this awesome, creative resource.

    • **********************

      Hi again! Our design team couldn't go past your suggestions and so this resource has been updated as per your ideas! The drop shadow has been removed from the letters on the bunting and a few little spikes have been added to the body of each cactus. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and helping us to make this resource even better!

    • **********************

      Hi Jessica, thanks for your ideas! I'm so glad you like the resource. The darker blue around the letters is intended to be a shadow, and yep, the spikes do take a while to cut around when you first prepare the display. Please feel free to request a change to the resource using the "changes and updates" tab above! ?