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Captain Yet: Yet vs Nup – Poster

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 6

A classroom display poster which compares positive and negative learning attitudes to help students focus on positive learning habits.

In this teaching resource, the characters Captain Yet and Pirate Nup have an important friendship. Pirate Nup often finds himself feeling helpless to the challenges of learning. Captain Yet is a fantastic friend and has a way to help Pirate Nup see that challenges will often have solutions, they just may take time. The purpose of Captain Yet is to help students use a growth mindset approach to see that there are solutions to learning challenges and how to find these using an independent and resourceful strategies.

This poster is designed to help students compare the language between proactive and non-proactive attitude language. Students need to know that challenges are ok and are a fundamental side of learning, but there are many solutions to road blocks, just some require a longer detour.

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  • Noelle Relf

    Can you please put some context around 'You're not allowed to do that!".

    • Roxanne Smith

      Hi Noelle, I think Pirate Nup is being his negative self and trying to put doubt in someone's mind to try to stop them from doing something that is actually fine. I mean, I wouldn't want to get into trouble... could I get into trouble? Oh no, maybe I shouldn't... I reckon Captain Yet and Pirate Nup would both draw the line at trying to get someone to do something wrong!