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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

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PDF | 9 pages | Years: F - 7

Posters showing Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

Musical – Rhythmic and Harmonic = I sometimes use songs or rhythm to learn.

Visual – Spatial = I like to see, visualise or imagine what I am learning.

Verbal – Linguistic = I like to read, write, tell stories and memorise information.

Logical – Mathematical = I use logic, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking.

Bodily – Kinaesthetic = I like to learn by moving and doing physical activities.

Interpersonal = I like to interact with others and work as part of a team.

Intrapersonal = I use self-reflection and analysis to set personal goals and identify my strengths/weaknesses.

Naturalistic = I like to nurture and relate information to my natural surroundings.



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  • Ash Alarca

    Absolutely love this resource! Fabulous. It allows children to be metacognitive about their learning in language they can relate to!

  • Jennifer Morris

    Looking forward to viewing your resources

  • ************

    Feeling great to visit this site.A wonderful resource to refresh ideas. <3

  • Engy Missahel

    Thank for your completing my request

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    TeachStarter Kristina_D Thanks Scott - it looks great! Enjoy your weekend!

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    Kristina_D Hi Kristina, Thank you for your message. We have made the changes you requested and the new version is available to downloaded here: https://www.teachstarter.com/gardners-multiple-intelligences/ Thank you Scott

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    Are you able to change the verbal -linguistic colour so it is more easily seen (the yellow heading & white text on yellow is difficult to see) ? Also, I'd like to see kinaesthetic written with the "a" included rather than the US spelling. Otherwise a great resource I would use with the above changes. Thanks.

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    Thank you for completing my request!!! Very happy!!! :D