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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

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PDF | 9 pages | Grades: K - 6

Posters showing Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

Musical – Rhythmic and Harmonic = I sometimes use songs or rhythm to learn.

Visual – Spatial = I like to see, visualize, or imagine what I am learning.

Verbal – Linguistic = I like to read, write, tell stories, and memorize information.

Logical – Mathematical = I use logic, reasoning, numbers, and critical thinking.

Bodily – Kinesthetic = I like to learn by moving and doing physical activities.

Interpersonal = I like to interact with others and work as part of a team.

Intrapersonal = I use self-reflection and analysis to set personal goals and identify my strengths/weaknesses.

Naturalistic = I like to nurture and relate information to my natural surroundings.



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