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I Can Help My Brain to Learn - Posters

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Display these classroom posters to remind your students of things they can do to ensure the three brains are functioning at their best.

🧠 Balance the Three Brains for Maximum Learning 

Science shows humans have three brains: 

  1. Our survival brain operates on instinct and intuition.
  2. Our emotional brain drives our feelings and desires.
  3. Our thinking brain applies logic and intellect.

If the needs of the first two aren’t met, the third won’t function at its best. That means if your students fail to meet their needs, they won’t be able to focus on their learning goals.

Display our ‘I Can Help My Brain to Learn’ posters in your classroom to remind students of 9 strategies that keep the three brains in harmony for peak academic performance! 

Each poster includes a different prompt for maintaining a healthy brain. Students will get reminders like drinking water, the importance of physical activity, and taking time to be creative, to name a few. 

Like the ‘Check Engine’ light on your car, these tips instill initiative in students to make sure their brains are operating at maximum learning potential.

Make the Most of Your Poster Downloads!

Please note that these posters will open as ten individual full-colour PDFs:

  1. Print posters on A3 paper and display them in your classroom for students to reference.
  2. Print posters on A4 paper, slip them into clear sleeves and use them in your guided groups as a reminder.
  3. Print posters on A4 paper, slide them into clear sleeves and hang them on rings as a reference tool for a learning centre. 

We’ve also come up with bonus ways to turn these posters into interactive tools that make your lessons stick! 

📂 Place copies in students’ homework folders for reference. 

💻 Provide posters as digital resources for virtual students. 

✅ Incorporate posters into your lesson wrap-up: students write their names on sticky notes and place them on the reminder they used that day.

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