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PEEL Paragraph Structure - Poster and Worksheets

PDF, Word | 4 pages|Grades: 3 - 6

A PEEL paragraph technique poster, explanatory worksheet and graphic organiser.

Persuasive texts have three sections: an introduction, arguments and a conclusion. Each of these sections are written using paragraphs.

Just like the text itself, paragraphs also have their own distinct structure. One way to remember this structure is the acronym, ‘PEEL’.

P = State your main point/purpose
E = Support your point with evidence
E = Explain how the evidence supports your view
L = Link back to the topic or issue

This resource contains two posters, an explanatory worksheet and a graphic organiser to be used when planning a persuasive paragraph. A version of the graphic organiser is available in Microsoft Word to enable students to type their content directly into the document.

Some people choose to use the acronym ‘TEEL’. If this is the case for you, please see our TEEL version of this resource.

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    You used to have a poster with MESL your Paragraph. I have seen it in another teacher classroom but I cannot find it on the website. Can you help me please?

    Nicole · Jan 31st, 2019


    Hi Nicole,
    I have taken a look and can’t seem to locate the resource you are referring to.

    Please feel free to request a resource here: https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/

    Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community. We create the top request each week.

    Kristian · Jan 31st, 2019

    alex Brindley

    Love these posters, thank you!
    The page that explains it doesn’t seem to match up though- The poster has explain/evidence as 2 and evaluate as 3 & the other page has 2 as explain and 3 as evidence. I usually teach E- Example then E- Explain. Is there any chance of editing the poster for different versions?

    alex Brindley · Oct 9th, 2018


    Hi Alex,

    I have fixed the inconsistency on these posters. I did some research and there are two schools of thought regarding the PEEL paragraph structure method. This resource is a particular one, the way you are teaching yours is another equally valid one. If you would like us to create a resource which reflects your method, please fill in a Resource Request for here:


    If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kristian · Oct 12th, 2018

    Lee Hillas

    Love this resource! It would be great if this resource could be downloaded in an editable version so that the example paragraph could be changed to meet the needs of my students 🙂

    Lee Hillas · Mar 13th, 2018

    Alison Smith

    Hi Lee, thank you for your message and for your suggestion. Please feel free to suggest it via the Changes & Updates tab above.

    Your request will be voted on by the community. Each week, our team creates the most popular request. If your request hits the top of the list, we’ll be happy to make it for you!
    Have a great day!

    Alison Smith · Mar 13th, 2018

    Alexandra Pate

    Love this resource! #stoked

    Alexandra Pate · Feb 14th, 2017

    Scott (Teach Starter)

    Thanks for the feedback, Alexandra! Glad you like it 🙂

    Scott (Teach Starter) · Feb 15th, 2017

    Resource Updates

    • An editable version of the graphic organiser has been created in Microsoft Word to enable students to type directly into the document.

      Addition by Stephanie (Teach Starter) Sep 7th, 2021

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