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Reading Strategy Bookmark

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 2

A double-sided bookmark to remind your students of the different reading strategies.

Decoding Strategies at Your Students’ Fingertips!

When children are learning to read, evidence-based reading strategies need to be explicitly taught and reinforced in the hope that this will eventually become an automatic process.

Aligned to the Science of Reading, these reading strategies bookmarks include decoding strategies that students can use at grapheme, word, and sentence level.

The reading strategies included on these bookmarks are:

  • Mouth Ready – Get your mouth ready to make the sounds.
  • Eyes Left – Start at the left, move across to the right.
  • Blend Sounds – Glue sounds together, one to the next.
  • Syllable Split – Split the word into syllables.
  • Meaning Check – Does that make sense?
  • Grapheme Gaze – Find each grapheme, saying the sound.

You will notice ‘Meaning Check’ has been included as a strategy. This is because reading for meaning is important – the point of reading is, after all, to make meaning!

Preparing Our Reading Strategy Bookmarks

  1. Print the required number of bookmarks for your students. Each page contains two bookmarks. Thick card is recommended for increased durability.
  2. Cut around the thick black line, then fold along the centre line.
  3. Paste the two halves together.
  4. Grab a good book and get reading!

Choose the Download Option That Best Suits Your Needs

Use the dropdown menu next to the Download button to select the colour PDF, or select the black and white PDF if you’d like your students to colour in their own bookmarks.

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  • Chem Har

    Thank you very much for the free resources. They make my teaching loads a lot easier. really LOVE the picts. The simple words easy to understand for my ESL pupils. Great job!!!!

    • Stephanie (Teach Starter)

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback, Chem! I'm so glad you are finding our resources helpful for your class.

  • Kel R

    Hi, Any chance a bookmark with all the times tables from 1 - 12 could be available soon? My 5/6 class really need them :) Kel!

    • ·

      Hi Kel Thanks for your suggestion. I’m super excited to announce that we’ve introduced a way for all of our members to request resources! YAY! Each Thursday we select the resource with the most votes and complete it by the following Thursday. Please post your request for times tables bookmarks to the request a resource page, so it doesn’t get overlooked. https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/ Just let me know if you have any further questions about requesting resources, I’m more than happy to help. Kind regards – Shanelle

  • Helen Marr

    pictures also a useful cue for EAL readers..children and parents!

  • Angela

    This works fabulously with the posters. The children can use these at home with families and the pictures prompt the strategy to little ones who are just beginning to read