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Silent Letters Task Cards

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Years: 2

Identify the missing silent letters in common words with this set of 16 task cards.

Silent Letters Task Cards for Little Learners

Are you looking for a silent letters resource to use in your literacy groups? Look no further! These task cards are perfect for keeping your little learners engaged while consolidating their understanding of silent letters! 

This resource includes 16 task cards, a recording sheet for students, and an answer key. Students are required to:

  • look at the picture on each task card
  • decide what silent letter is missing from the word
  • record their answer on their recording sheet. 

The silent letters addressed in this resource are w, g, k, l, b, h, t and n. 

Additional Applications of These Silent Letters Task Cards

A team of dedicated, experienced educators created this resource to support your literacy program. Check out these other great ideas for our silent letter task cards:

Scavenger Hunt

Hide the cards around the classroom. Students must locate each card, complete the task and write the correct answer on their recording sheet. Small groups of students at a time work best for this activity!

Show Me! 

Provide the students with mini whiteboards and markers. Show them the task cards in turn. Have the students write the missing silent letter on their whiteboard (or have more-capable students spell the word). When the students are finished, say, “Show Me!” Students can turn around their boards, allowing you to monitor who requires additional help with the concept.

Sentence Starters

Have students choose a selection of the silent letter words from the task cards to use in sentences, or in a short story. Let them swap with a partner and have them find and highlight all the silent letter words that have been used.

Easily Download and Prepare This Resource

Use the dropdown arrow on the Download button to select the PDF or Google Slides version of this resource.

Print one version of the resource, then copy the task cards on thick card for added durability and longevity. Place all pieces in a folder or large envelope for easy access.

Recording sheets can be placed into dry-erase sleeves and reused time and again!

This resource was created by Anna Helwig, a Teach Starter collaborator.


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